Super Soul Sunday

Feeding Your Soul

I’m sure most of you have watched Oprah through the years, and you are probably familiar with her new network OWN. However, have you ever seen her program on Sunday mornings called Super Soul Sunday? If you haven’t, you are missing out! I feel like Oprah also has the same big picture view that I’ve been discovering on my own. She brings on different spiritual leaders, regular people with extraordinary spiritual experiences, and makes you question things in a new way. She’s spoken with Christian leaders, Sufi teachers, and regular people with no particular religious affiliation. I like the fact that she is religion-neutral and instead focuses on the overall truths that exist – there is a God, our Earth is a divine creation, the path towards love and acceptance is taught in every religion, and the Holy Spirit is moving throughout our lives in ways that we aren’t even aware of.

One particular episode that I really enjoyed was Oprah’s discussion with Sufi teacher Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. He spoke about how Sufism focuses on discovering your oneness with God and entering into a love with God that occurs deep within the soul. That comment of entering into a love with God really struck me. We always talk about loving our family or worshiping God, but the phrase “loving God” does not come up. If someone asked you if you loved God, how would you respond? I know my response right now would be “I guess so.” But how do you love someone you’ve never met? Well, according to Llewellyn, you can meet Him because God is inside of you; He resides inside your soul. If you stop and think, this actually doesn’t sound so far off. If you believe that we came from God, then does it not make sense that we are made up of God? Sufi followers devote themselves to this exact journey of traveling deep inside themselves to enter into fellowship with Him. This relationship goes far beyond praying to God or sending thanks His way. They know Him intimately, just like we would know our husband or wife. Llewellyn even referred to God as “his Beloved.”

I’ll share a quote with you from the episode that I feel encapsulates his message –

“Sufism is a path of love. The Sufi is a traveler on the path of love, a wayfarer journeying back to God through the mysteries of the heart. For the Sufi the relationship to God is that of lover and Beloved, and Sufis are also known as lovers of God. The journey to God takes place within the heart, and for centuries Sufis have been traveling deep within themselves, into the secret chamber of the heart where lover and Beloved share the ecstasy of union.”

As ideal as it would be to become lovers of God, it is certainly not easy and not a quick journey. As I was watching the program, I thought “I’d love to be in a place of endless joy with God, but how would I ever get there?” I think we can find God when we’re quiet, and when we open our minds and hearts to hear His message. His voice is always speaking, but too often, we drown Him out with jobs, TV, and responsibilities.

One way in which I try to hear God is by driving to work without the radio on. Have you ever driven to work on a sunny day with silence in the car, looking around to notice the blue sky, the green trees, the brilliant sunlight? In our busy world, this moment of silence in the car is an easy way to find quiet time with God. Sometimes I pray while I’m driving, and other times I just observe nature passing by my window. I try to turn off the endless chatter in my brain and think nothing at all. This is when your mind will open up and start to hear God speaking.

Try driving in silence one morning or evening. I hope you’ll hear God’s voice or at least find some quiet time to relax.

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