The Third Jesus

Feeding Your Soul

A lot of us attend church on Sundays, focus on God for an hour, and push him to the back of our minds for the rest of the week. And we’re left feeling unsatisfied. Or maybe you’re like me, and you don’t attend church at all, but you feel a nagging sense that something’s missing in your life. You desire to have an inner peace in your soul, but all you feel is out of breath from racing through the mundanities of life.

I’ve felt this longing for inner peace, and I determined the best way to start my quest for a richer spiritual existence was to read a book by someone who had already achieved such enlightenment. Enter “The Third Jesus” by Deepak Chopra.

I’d heard of Deepak Chopra by watching Oprah,  but I’d also heard others refer to him as “a great spitirual leader” as I read and explored more. So I perused his books in Barnes and Noble and settled on “The Third Jesus.” Even though Deepak is Indian (as in from the country of India), he was exposed to Christianity along with Buddhism at a young age. I was surprised that the book dove into the scripture and analyzed Biblical verses on a deeper spiritual level. I expected him to ignore the Bible all together and speak to a more metaphysical experience. However, this fresh approach to scripture intrigued me.

The title “The Third Jesus” comes from the premise that there are three versions of Jesus. The first is the historical Jesus, the man who lived in Galilee and lead a human life. The second Jesus is the Jesus created by the church to manipulate people into following a political agenda. This Jesus is also the “feel good Jesus” the church has created to lull people into believing they can practice a watered down version of Christianity. Finally, the third Jesus is the real Jesus who meant what he said. When he commanded “love your neighbor as yourself,” he didn’t mean “only when you feel like it” as we practice today. He meant “love the terrorists who attacked the Twin Towers because they are your brothers, and you must forgive them.” This is a tall order, and a level of spiritual advancement that most of us will be unable to achieve in this lifetime.

But that’s why I like this book. It asks you to explore Jesus’ teachings on a new and deeper level outside the confines of Christianity. I’ll leave you with an excerpt to get you thinking as you ponder your own spiritual journey –

Jesus did not physically descend from God’s dwelling place above the clouds, nor did he return to sit at the right hand of a literal throne. What made Jesus the Son of God was the fact that he had achieved God-consciousness. Jesus said as much over and over when he said “the Father and I are one.” He knew no separation between his thoughts and God’s thoughts, his feelings and God’s feelings, his actions and the actions God wanted performed.

I highly recommend this book, no matter what religion you are or where you are in your spiritual journey. It is well-written, a reasonable length, and has practical ideas on how you can have a deeper relationship with God. I hope you’ll at least check it out at your library. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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