Quick and easy organic dinner

NurturIng Your Health 

It’s Sunday night, and exhausted at the end of a busy weekend, the last thing you want to do is whip up a gourmet dinner. But stuffing yourself with chemical-filled, processed Domino’s pizza makes your stomach turn. You search for healthy recipes online, but every meal calls for 20 ingredients that you don’t have in your pantry. Or they take an hour and a half to prepare, and you’re starving now! What to do?

Well, just scroll down for a quick, minimal ingredient, organic recipe, and you’ll have a healthy, budget friendly dinner in no time!

Humlicious Sweet Potato

Total prep time – 7 minutes

Number of ingredients – 3

Serve with an organic green salad. Harris Teeter sells pre-packaged, pre-washed organic lettuce from Earthbound Farm. Pick up a package of baby organic carrots, an organic cucumber, and finally, Annie’s Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Now how easy was that?! I hope you enjoy this dinner, and I’ll keep posting similar recipes so you can eat well when you’re short on time.

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