Fashion Friday

Outfits for real people with real budgets

Simplifying Your Life

Do you ever get frustrated with trying to find clothes? Do you feel exhausted after visiting the mall? I know I do. I feel like I can never find a cute outfit at a good price in my size. Those three stars never seem to align in my universe. Well, have no fear, Your Life in Harmony is here! I’ve decided to devote a post every Friday to cute outfits under $100 (that includes the top, bottoms, and shoes) that you can find online at a well-known store or in your local mall. No obscure, sketchy online stores and no designer outfits that look great but cost a million dollars. These outfits will fit  your budget, your body, and your schedule!

For my first Fashion Friday, I’ve decided to highlight sundresses. I didn’t use to be a “dress girl,” but I’ve since discovered that dresses are great for two reasons – (1) you don’t have to mix and match tops and bottoms and (2) you only have to buy one clothing item, so one “outfit” costs less! Where can you find a great sundress that flatters your figure and your wallet? you ask ……..

American Eagle!

They have tons of cute sundresses under $50! Here’s a really cute one that I plan on ordering myself (see below). Interested in buying? Go here – AE Printed Sundress

For those of you wanting something a little sexier, check out their Halter Corset Dress.

And you can’t beat the prices! The printed sundress retails for $24.99 and the halter corset dress runs $29.99. What a steal!

Pair either dress with these cute nude wedges from Ralph Lauren (only $49 at Macy’s), and you’ve got an outfit for under $100!

Happy shopping!

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